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Do all brands of Breast Pump have the same Flange Sizes?

Sadly not, which does cause a few small issues when it comes to you choosing the right one for you. It isn’t possible that you would know ahead of buying this expensive equipment, as any recommendations or reviews that may push you to buy a specific breast pump aren’t tailored to your breast size. Technically I would recommend choosing the pump depending on the size of the flange you will need.

Which flange sizes can I find on the market?

As I mentioned, every pump brand is different and offers various sized flanges. Below you will find the most common market brands, so you’ll be able to choose the one it fits you the best. Plus I’ve added a guide on each to help you to measure the correct size for you.


Medela has 5 different flange sizes:

– 21mm

– 24mm

– 27mm

– 30mm

– 36mm

In the box of the pump you’ll find a measurement guide with holes on it (find a picture below), place your nipple inside of the holes to find which one suits you better (without including the areola).


Elvie has available in the market 3 different sizes:

– 21mm marked with a circle.

– 24mm marked with a diamond.

– 28mm marked with a square.

The relevant shape (circle, diamond or square) is in black underneath the flange. To determinate your ideal Elvie’s size it’s a bit different than other brands. So, follow this step by step guide:

1. Place the flange on your breast, with your nipple in the centre of the adjustment lines.

2. Locate the mark (circle/diamond/square) at 12 oclock (towards the ceiling).

3. Choose the size where those lines are aligned with the external part of your nipple.

4. Do the same procedure with both breasts, as not all breasts use the same size.


Lansinoh has 5 different sizes:

– 21mm

– 25mm

– 28mm

– 30,5mm

– 36mm

Other brands

Other brands such as Nuk, Philips Avent, Chicco, and Tomme Tippe unfortunately only offer one size, making it difficult to adjust. Or the other hand, brands like Momcozy offer two different sizes, but this may depend on the breast pump you choose.

In summary, I would recommend checking if the brand offers the correct funnel size before purchasing a breast pump. Check out this blog to see why it’s so important to choose the correct breast pump flange size.

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