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Terms & Conditions

Points to Note
  1. The total cost of the individual and packages consultations is required before the initial consultation. If payment has not been made the consultation will not take place at that point.
  2. Cancellation Policy: The fees are not refundable after your booking, however if you or your baby are not feeling well (severe illness) on the date of the consultation, we will postpone your appointment to another date without applying the cancellation fee – please let me know asap.
  3. Individual consultations, packages and ongoing support provided through email or WhatsApp take place after payment.
  4. Sometimes I will recommend you work with other professionals alongside the work we are doing, on the occasion that parents don’t take up the recommendation, I reserve the right to pause or discontinue the support until the referral has been taken up.
  5. In case of illness: Sometimes (although rare…) I do become unwell, I’ll provide you with good notice and reschedule your consultation for asap.