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Breastfeeding on Demand

With all the information that we have online most of us know that breastfeeding works on demand, but I’m still sometimes being asked “How often do I need to feed my baby?”.

So, let’s clarify that when you are breastfeeding your baby you do not need to follow a feeding schedule; which means that there is no need for the baby or the mother to wait for a certain amount of time in between feeds. Also, it’s incredibly important to follow your baby’s cues and feed them when they indicate that they’re hungry. Whilst little ones are little in size, they’re intelligent enough to let you know when they need to be fed.

What to do if the baby is not waking up to feed?

We agree that breastfeeding works on the baby’s demand but taking care of yourself is important too. So if your baby is asleep and you need to feed them because you feel full, there’s no problem in waking them and offering your breast, no matter what time they were previously fed. If your baby is not able to wake up alone and ask for your breast on their own to be fed between 8 to 12 times a day, I would recommend waking them to have at least a minimum of 8 feeds.

In which situations doesn’t breastfeeding on demand work?

I wish I could say that everything is perfect and every mother can breastfeed always on demand, however unfortunately, there are a few situations where it’s no possible because you will potentially put your baby on risk. For example, if:

– Your baby is premature.

– Your baby has not regained his birth weight.

– Your baby is ill.

Luckily these situations are reversible, which means that at some point through your breastfeeding journey you should be able to breastfeed on demand.

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